Autumn 2021 School Holiday Camp

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8:30am -11am

$5 per person

Contact: Trish Pickett 0402 464 604

7pm - 9pm

$8 per person

6:30pm - 9pm

$12 per person

8:30am -11am

$5 per person

Friday  Morning Mixed Comp

8:30am -11am

$8 per person

Contact: Allan Walsh 0417 021 519


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$20 Court Hire Night-Time

$35 Ball Machine Day Time

$40 Ball Machine Night-Time

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Tuesday Night Mixed Comp

Autumn 2021 Season commences.

Week 3. Play is cancelled due to rain. All teams get 2 points, 24 games, except Bye Teams which get 2 points, 0 games.

Division 2

Teams 8 takes 1st place, with Team 6 on 2nd.

Division 3

Team 11 takes 1st place, with a 3-way tie for 2nd place - Teams 12,13,14.

Division 1

Team 3 leads on game points, with a 2-way tie between Teams 1,3 on 2nd place.

One Season Ends. Another Begins.

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